Directional Control Valves

The solenoid directional control valves of the RS type are used to control the motion of one or more consumers. Usually one 4/3 directional control valve is used in the system, by which the necessary direction of the motion is determined. The flow from it is fed to a directional control valve of the RS type, which specifies which one of the consumers will function. In case of more than two consumers, one additional RS directional control valve is added for every following consumer.

The stacking of the directional control valves (up to 10 units) is realized by pins and nuts, and the sealing between them is fulfilled by frontal O-rings. This pattern provides an economy of one solenoid per each consumer and an improved compactness. Three types of solenoids are manufactured, which differ by the nominal flow – RS04 (10 L/min), RS06 (30 L/min)and RS10 (50 L/min),as the maximum pressure for all of them is 250 bar. RS06..T and RS10..T for maximum pressure of 350 bar are offered out of the options RS06 and RS10.

They have one additional port “T”, which leads the leakages out of the chamber of the directional control valve and has to be connected to the tank. The maximum allowed pressure at port “T” is 200 bar.If a hydraulic lock for the consumer is needed, there is an opportunity for direct assembly of a hydraulic lock type VBD-R-38 (only for a RS06..V directional control valve).

. RS04 .. / ..

. RS06 V .. / ..

RS06 CV .. / ..

2 RS06 V .. / ..

2 RS06 CV .. / ..

RM 06 / ..

. RS06 T 38/ ..

. RS10 .. / ..

. RS10 .. / ..

. RS10T .. / ..

RHB06- .. / ... .

4/2 RHA06/20

4/2 RHA06/20.

4/2 RHA10/20

4/2 RHA10/20..

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