Напорные клапаны

The basic purpose of overcenter valves is to convert negative loads into positive loads so that directional control valves always see a positive load. This greatly simplifies precise motion control.

Examples of connections are given below:

Head overcenter valves

OWC/SE-../.. 35L/min / 350bar

OWC/DE-../.. 35L/min / 350bar

OWC/SE-38/..M1L 35L/min / 350bar

OWC/SE-38/..M 35L/min / 350bar

OWC/DE-38/..M 35L/min / 350bar

OWC/SE- 34/.. . 100L/min/ 350bar

OWC/DE- 34/.. 100L/min/ 350bar

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